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Owen Hurford

I'm a Computer Science student from York who has a love of all things digital looking for opportunities to work within a computing team.


University of York - MEng Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science is at the foundation of everything people use every day, from the microcontroller in a kettle to the technology keeping their banking information encrypted. I am fortunate to be studying this at one of the best universities in the country, and am keen to learn about all aspects of how computer systems are developing.

I have already gained a strong grounding in Computer Architectures, Theoretical and Practical Programming, Mathematics, Numerical Analysis and Human Computer Interactions. As I progress through studies my understanding will develop even further to cover more to do with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Employment and Experience

Social Media Manager - Lives Unlimited

Lives Unlimited are a Community Interest Company who are working to ensure people with disabilities and the elderly can have control of their lives and be a part of the communities within which they live. I have been working to develop a marketing strategy for them and develop their online presence through new channels to prepare them for a digital future.

This has seen successful email marketing campaigns sent to all stakeholders within the organisation and developments in how data is used to communicate with their membership.

Student Caller - University of York

Every year the University of York runs a telethon to speak with its Alumni and find out how they're getting on as well as raising support for many good causes at the institution, such as Achieving Excellence Bursaries and societies grants via YuFund. I have been a part of the team that calls Alumni and gets to hear their stories of both University and their time since as well as ask for and process donations.

My involvement has raised enough money to fund several 3 year student bursaries at the University, as well as seen several new benefactors join the growing Yorkies community.

More information about the work done by the YuCall team can be found on YorkSpace.

Marketing Officer - Cardinal Newman College Student Union

As a new incarnation of the Student Council it was pivotal that the Student Union communicated effectively with the student body at the college. I worked to ensure that the Student Union was known across the campus and developed new ways of communicating with students at the college.

There were some of the highest engagement levels ever at the college, and on one occasion across the country, at student events and activities. This meant the union could offer some of its best ever support to students at the college and made more activities possible than previously.

See my work in action in the Work section